Wednesday 27 February 2013

WFRP Empire Campaign: Sessions 3,4,5

After a few sessions in New Tilia, our rotating-DM WFRP game took a break from the Border Princes and returned to the Empire, specifically to the city of Bogenhaffen.  I'm also summarizing the previous 2 sessions which took place a couple months back.  I mentioned Session 1 here.

The Roster

  • Sir Blathers A Lot- Elf Noble 
  • "The Trapper"- Elf Gamekeeper who leaves a trail of traps and snares wherever he goes 
  • Maria- Dwarf Mercenary 
  • "Drugs" the Dwarf Pharmacist 
  • Seigwart
  • Sigyn

Session 3

(Played in person)

Party arrives in Bogenhaffen.  Wanders around the fair.  Meets a drunk Dwarf.  Agrees to fetch Dr. Malthuseus' escaped 3-legged Goblin.

Session 4

(Played in person except that I connected via g+)

Party follows the Goblin through the sewers.  Encounters:
  1. Door to the theives' guild
  2. Body of the drunk Dwarf, sans heart
  3. Room guarded by a Demon, which we defeat

Session 5

(Played via Skype--my g+ wasn't working)

The Demon room had a few interesting features:
  • Magically locked cabinet, apparently containing the drunk Dwarf's missing heart
  • Pelvis of the dead Goblin(demon ate it!)
  • Magically locked secret door
  • Handkerchief with initials F.S.
  • Magic Demon summoning circle with words Ordo Septinarius, presumably the name of a cult?  Sort of a weird place to put your cult name...
The party staked out the location, first hearing a guild thief find the Dwarf's body, then getting a creepy feeling.  Feeling uneasy, 4 party members went to talk to the theives' guild.  They didn't appreciate our entering via the back way, and gave us rough treatment, but they also gave us good info.  We then went to the Inn, Boat, Temple of Morr, Dr. Malthuseus, and Magistrate.  In all, we collected a lot of info:

  • Next time enter Thieves' Guild via main entrance
  • F.S. may be Franz Steinheiger--the demon room is built below his family offices
  • chaos moon Morrsleib is full when it should be a crescent
  • Teugen Family's patriarch was poisoned a couple years back, now business is good under his brother
  • Rugbrodder Family competing with Teugens
  • Someone at the city filed a report that the 3-legged goblin was found crushed under fallen boxes in one of Steinheiger's warehouses.  Everyone was repeating this story.  Strange, why the cover-up?


  • A city-sandbox campaign--nice.  I'll try and blog setting details so I'll remember them for later.
  • Published sandboxes are problematic--the DM keeps needing to look up all the details.  I much prefer the efficiency of my Excel sheet approach.  Largely influenced by Renegade Crowns: the Border Princes
  • A murder-mystery.  Never played in one of those.  I'm going to try and blog clues here so I'll actually remember them.
  • It's starting a bit slow.  I'd like a little bit more senseless violence.

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