Saturday 2 February 2013

Polish Resistance: Behind the Screen

Well, our group has been focusing on our rotating DM-ship WFRP campaign, such that we probably won't be playing Polish Resistance again any time soon.  As such, I've decided to post my notes from the game, to show how I run a sandbox and also in case anyone out there is looking to run a WWII CP2020-based game and is looking for material. So here they are:

These notes grew step-by-step over the 7 sessions, and whenever I had an idea, I added it.  There's a lot more here than I ever used, but I guess that's the thing about world-building: once you get started, it's hard to stop!  My New Tilia notes look similar, though a lot smaller.

Anyway, here are descriptions of the contents, sheet-by-sheet:

  • Cities- my game map for this was in google maps, which doesn't have any clear boundary, so I made a list of the main locations of interest near the PCs.  There are also a few other potentially interesting locations, in case the players got their hands on an airplane.
  • Sandomierz- detail of the city of Sandomierz
  • Room Generator- this was in case the characters explored the dungeon underneath the city.
  • Organizations, NPCs- Lists of NPCs and their affiliations
  • Oracles- a random event generator based on In a Wicked Age oracles.
  • Missions- a random mission generator.
  • Encounters- a random encounter generator.
  • Goodies- a treasure generator.
  • Hirelings- potential Allies and their stats.
  • Combat Stats- Stats of various friends/foes.
  • Equipment- Stats for WWII-era equipment

Anyway, that's the material I used to run the game, besides a few blog posts which never got copied to the spreadsheet.  I guess I'm a little surprised that you don't see more game products in this sort of format.

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