Wednesday 13 October 2021

Star Fontiers Crewman: Enoch Whitestar

 Our group started playing a Star Frontiers game over zoom. Enoch Whitestar is my character.


Star Frontiers is a TSR Science Fiction RPG from the 80's. This was my first time playing it, but my friend who is running it actually played it quite a bit, back in the day.

I have to admit that I found it impossible to create a character just based on the rulebooks. After a couple aborted attempts, the GM walked me through the process over a quick zoom session. It just shows how far RPGs have come in terms of documentation- early games were ultimately learned socially and the rulebook is there more as a reference for all the details, rather than as a complete guide for how to play.

Our party doesn't have it's own ship yet, but we made sure to take an assortment of skills that will allow us to crew a ship. I chose the Astrogator, whose skills allow for interstellar travel.

Other players have spacer skills in piloting, engineering, and gunnery.


Our party are Federation Cadets in the reserves. For our first mission, we took a commission to work to a remote system, but our transport has been attacked by crazed pirates- we'll see if we manage to repel the attack and what adventures we will have in the far reaches of space...