Saturday 12 September 2020

CoC15: Mosques and Museums


  • Dr. Gretta Von Flue- Parapsychologist and occult enthusiast
  • Allen Challenger- Antiquarian and dealer in forged artifacts
  • Bob- Texas Ranger

Tuesday, February 12th, 1925

The party decided to follow up with Faraz at the Mosque, however he was no-show. The Imam said Faraz would meet them for a price of 100 Egyptian Pounds in cash or artifacts.

They visited the Egyptian Museum and met Dr. Ali Kafour, who took them for members of the Clive Expedition. He was quite friendly and they got a lot of info out of him:

  • The Penhew foundation is funding the Clive Expedition's dig
  • They lost a mummy suspected to be Queen Nitocris
  • Janwillen Vanheuvelen was kicked out of the expedition due to his alcohol problem
  • Legends of the Black Pharaoh in the 3rd dynasty, including his pet sphinx and secret tunnels under Giza
  • Legends of the evil Queen Nitocris in the 6th dynasty including her communion with Demons
  • Stay away from the Shakti plantation- it's dangerous
  • Stay away from the Bloody Tonque and such fanatics
  • They seem to have soured their new relationship with the professor by making off with his copy of Kitab al-Azif and an abstract for a paper he is working on
    • Black Pharaoh/Nephren-Ka are part of the pantheon of Elder Gods led by the Demon God Azathoth
    • The Cult of the Bloody Tongue in Kenya has many commonalities, and seems to have broken-off from the Black Pharaoh cult thousands of years ago

 They visited the Cairo Bulletin and met it's editor, Nigel Wassif. 

  • They learned more about the Carlyle expedition's principals and their activities in Egypt
  • They heard more about the Clive expedition
  •  He also expressed his distaste for Omar Shakti

They checked out the Turf Club 

  • Janwillen Vanheuvelen used to be a regular but is now down on his luck, living somewhere in the Old City