Monday 17 February 2020

Call of Cthulhu 9: the Wolf Within!

The Clue

January 27th, following up on clues from Session 8, the investigators traveled North to the village of Lesser Edale in Derbyshire to investigate the reported deaths there.

  • Dr. Gretta Von Flue- Parapsychologist and occult enthusiast
  • Allen Challenger- Antiquarian and dealer in forged artifacts
  • Xanathos- Drifter with a mysterious past

It's been a couple weeks since the session, and my memory is a bit foggy, but it was a highly amusing session, at least for your humble Keeper.

Here are the highlights of the investigators' escapades:

  • Insulting the local Constable
  • Beating up an innocent clergyman
  • Almost getting lynched by the townsfolk, women and children included
  • Being thrown in the castle dungeon with a comatose lass from the decadent nobility
  • Performing a Mythos ritual to obtain a prescient vision of the
    party being torn to bits by the lass-turned-werewolf
  • Summoning a Byakhee from Outer Space to break them out of prison
  • Fleeing town in the middle of the night in the local constable's police car

Much fun and sanity-point loss was had by all!