Friday 1 February 2019

Planescape Session 3: Some Can, Others Cant

Today's session summary of our Sigil Campaign is written in Planescape Cant for my own amusement and perhaps yours too...

The Dwarven Market

Our heroic Power Puppet and his cabal of bally Adams cross-piked their way to the finest market in Biterdom. They were seeking a gleaming pip of a Planetouched lass with the keeper on how to get to The Cage from this anthill.

The Wizard
Instead they found some tall, blue dazzler looking to buy a smooth dazzle horn from the windiest biter of then all. They tried to help for some jink, but all they got was a lot of wigwag. They did overhear some wagger, however, about our slippery Planetouched lass. Turns out she nicked a magic bardic harp string from some parochial biter God.

The Dwarven Tavern
Our Power Puppet and his pals decided to go flip a fork to the nearest tavern, navigating using the magic compass he was given, conspicuously marked "tourist". He found the dive to be no oasis, containing only beer, berks, and biters. Some of those berks, however, knew some wagger about the planetouched jester...

One of the apple chasers got up to peal on us to the guardians. The puppet used his Power to silence him while the party made a quick exit. We gave a Dwarven Ale Wife some bub and got a pretty poem about death and destruction in return. We found a secret door, followed the gleaming pip's trail inside to a blinged-up wall. Putting the magic compass on the wall opened up a portal. We blitzed the gate and found ourselves in a basement in the Little Wheel herself! All praise the Lady's Grace!

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