Thursday 6 September 2018

Planescape Session 2: Leprecaun Murder and Dwarfnapping

Well, I guess we're due a session summary from the Planescape Campaign. Authorial credit to our fearless leader and DM:

Our group of tour-guide swindlers found themselves at the crushed portal of their dreams and had given up hope of finding the Thri-kreen delegation when suddenly two thri-kreens show up, talking to them with mental projections of hopes of turn the desert green.  Hope renewed, the team quickly got to work trying to find out something, and heard rumors that somebody had come through, three days prior, warning of a cataclysm and that everyone should get out.  After searching more about this person, they discovered that the unknown visitor had gone to the Dwarven mountain, where many souls go to find their last rest, and where the great iron of Ironridge is mined and forged into the best equipment of the outlands.

On their way to the mountain, the group found odd crystals that came out of the rift and which projected images of entrapment, masks, and feelings of freedom.

When the group reached the mountain, they found 3 dwarven guards (einherjar) who told them that since the rift exploded only the worthy may enter. After failing to solve some riddles, the group was sent back to Ironridge to find a lost petitioner.

In the market they found a gold coin that just kept rolling, even after being picked up and held onto.  They followed the coin to a green house with gold furniture, and also found a dwarf who was chasing the coin.  The house ended up being the home of a leprechaun and his hidden stash of gold.

In the leprechaun's house, they found surprise snakes, and while killing the snakes, they also damaged the floor enough to allow the crazed and highly focused dwarf to pry open the floor boards and find the pot of gold hidden in an inter-dimensional pocket.   The dwarf also turned out to be a petitioner, seeking the Dwarven afterlife, but cursed with greed and the rolling coin.

Confronted, the team killed the leprechaun and took the dwarf and gold pot back to the Dwarven mountain where they were granted access.

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