Saturday 9 March 2019

Same Old Princess

What do you do when your group plans a gaming night, but you have nothing to play? Pull out an old campaign that doesn't require much DM prep. So here is yet another session in our Palace of the Silver Princess campaign which ended over a year ago on a cliff-hanger.

Kingdom of Gulluvia
Cast of Characters:
  1. Ragnar- a bastard of a Ranger with a bastard sword
  2. Minion- a chaotic Elven thief with a two handed sword who has joined the party for obscure reasons
  3. Bob the Barbarian- a Human fighter who has been around the block
  4. Entrapta-chaotic Fighter/Mage skilled with both sword and spellbook

Bob and Entrapta arrive in village of N'Sau, which has become a refugee camp for those displaced by the Goblinoid invasion of Gulluvia. They met Ragnar and Minion, who told them of their mission to the Palace of the Silver Princess and their hope of bringing peace to the land.

The party bravely embarked on yet another expedition to the palace. They succeeded in hunting meat(Deer and Wild Dog) and preparing dried rations for their journey.
the updated map

Upon reaching the valley, they spotted a group of goblins entering the main gate with a large bear. Ragnar found the tracks of a large Female Bear which strangely were replaced, at some point, with those of a barefoot Human!

The party tried to use their traditional entrance through the tower window, but were met by two dwarves, Boron and Xyzon. The Dwarves tried to convince the party to leave, saying that The Boss would not want them there. They told them there were many Goblins there too who would no doubt kill them. When the party was not discouraged, they turned a blind eye and let them pass.

The party ended up killing a party of Orcs and exploring more of the North East section of the Dungeon. They expertly cleared out a room of Yellow Mold and found a suit of magic chainmail, only for it to turn out to be cursed with making it's wearer(Ragnar) flee combat! They did find a valuable necklace, however.

After a night of resting, the party were discovered by a lone Goblin. It went to fetch it's Hobgoblin buddies and the party was trapped and forced to face a goblin and 5 Bugbears!

Bugbears are SOOO Metal!

Ragnar started shooting arrows into their enemies but was then forced to flee in his cursed armor. Entrapta cast a shield spell which kept the creatures busy trying to hit her but missing. Minion, used the poison he had previously collected to poison his sword and five of Bob's darts. The poison saved the day, with 4 dead bugbears and one fleeing the combat, but poor Minion was killed in the process! Bob picked up his two-handed sword and helped finish-off the Bugbears.

The party left the dungeon with a hard-earned victory and 2000 XP to split between them!