Wednesday 23 May 2012

The Fugitive

I'm in need of some random generator fun.  How about a random event around town for Polish Resistance...

I rolled up the Pulp Oracle - High Adventure in Exotic Locale, which yielded the following:
"A high waterfall; seemingly the only escape from impending doom."

So here goes:

Upon entering the town square, the party sees a group of people pointing upwards.  Following their gaze, you see a young man in a brown suit leaping from roof to roof.  He's followed by a couple of trench coated Gestapo men.

The youth reaches the end of the last building and stops, cornered.  Four-floors down a carter with a full-load of hay is passing by at a quick trot.  The youth looks down, contemplating the leap, while his pursuers approach, automatics drawn.  You'd give him maybe one in four odds of landing safely on the moving cart below.

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