Tuesday 8 May 2012

Monsters: Cyberpunk Deodand

I'm not the first to stat-up one of Vance's Deodand's, but I didn't find stats for one for Cyberpunk 2020, so here goes:


Physical Appearance

Possibly the result of prenatal exposure to chemicals/radiation or genetic experiments, Deodands appear as handsome, muscular men, but with dead black lustreless skin, long slit eyes, sharp fangs, and clawed hands. The typical Deodand prefers to wear a makeshift leather harness with bits of velvet or shiny objects attached. There is a 30% chance that the harness is adorned with ornamental gems.


Deodands are usually found alone in the wilderness or even creeping through uninhabited spaces.  They may join together to take down especially tough prey.


Deodands are carnivorous and happy to eat Humans.  That said, they are very cautious and prefer to stalk their prey and wait for the opportunity to surprise them.  If bested, they will beg for their lives, but are full of tricks and not to be trusted.

Things a Deodand Might Say

  •  Call a person by name from the bushes, in hope of pouncing on them when they investigate
  • "Human, your futile thrashings are most unbecoming. Would it not be more dignified to accept your fate?"
  • "You have bested me, Human!  Spare my life and I will lead you out of this wasteland."
  • "Human, you have taken the only life I have, and I have no other!"

Cyberpunk Stats

Int: 5
Ref: 9
Tech: 1
Cool: 4
Attr: 6
Luck: 5
MA: 8
Body: 7
Emp: 3

BTM: -3


Speak Human Languages: 5
Persuasion & Fast Talk: 5
Dodge & Escape: 7
Human Perception: 9
Stealth: 5
Attack: 4
Wilderness Survival: 9

Attacks(Bite + 2 Claws): 2d6,1d6,1d6

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