Thursday 24 February 2011

Polish Resistance: Session 1

I was inspired enough by Noisms' All Zombies on the Eastern Front game to run a similar game myself. I'm calling it "All Zombies on the Eastern Front: Polish Resistance" and it's set in Poland 1944 as the Russian offensive gained steam against the tiring German forces.

Session 1 saw Moriah Zim, a prominent medical doctor before the war, and Andre Sokolof a former world-class boxer and wrestler, entering the village of Gojcow just before dawn. The two comprise a cell in the Polish resistance forces and are just returning from a mission on the Eastern Front, delivering a message to Stefanya Iga, a resistance member in the village of Gorzyce. They approach the town through the cemetary next to the forest and are attacked by a strangely unresponsive old man. A well-placed punch from Andre snapped the man's neck while Maria prepared to stab him. Even more strange, the pair found a bullet wound in the man's chest which Maria determined must have been fatal. They bury the body shalowly in a ready grave, hoping that it isn't noticed.

Entering town looking for their contact in the resistance, the pair found the town eerily silent and the ground of town square was stained with blood and a disquieting smell permeated the place. While taking the opportunity to replenish their dwindling supplies in the local General Store via breaking and entering, the pair encountered a pair of townspeople who shuffled towards them in a similar state to the old man. A few gunshots and punches later and the pair was dispatched, with Moriah's newly-looted axe proving especially effective.

After burning the bodies with karosene looted from the store, the pair makes their way to their contact's house in the eery morning-silence, eventually breaking-in and finding the place deserted. They find a letter from one Longin Jozafat detailing various family-members' activities in the nearby town of Opatow. They also uncover a hidden-niche under an antique rug depicting the Prussian Knights in the War of the Cities. The nitch contains a heavy water-cooled machine-gun.

Andre and Moriah then head toward the Nazi guardpost on the South-side of town, but are accosted by an aquaintance, one Karina Ludmila, also a member of the resistance. She and her companion also stare at the party with dead-eyes as they approach. Andre misses with his SMG and a melee insues. The aquaintance is dispatched with a powerful punch to the head, but Moriah amusingly rolled a critical miss, slashing Andre's left-arm through his leather-jacket with her axe with a wound that would have floored a lesser-man. Before the other zombie is dispatched, Moriah is bitten in her left-arm, leaving both of our heroes lightly-wounded.

The bodies are searched and the party finds money and a set of keys on Karina.

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