Sunday 10 April 2011

Polish Resistance: Session 2

The second session of All Zombies on the Eastern Front: Polish Resistance started where the previous session left off and mostly took place in the same location, continuing to explore the vacant, zombie-infested village of Gojcow.

The party dispatched the zombies they met pretty efficiently thanks to their Melee/Martial Arts skills as well as to some well-placed SMG bursts. One zombie, who's legs had been shot out from under it, managed to crawl through the melee and bite the good Doctor's leg, leaving her seriously wounded and stunned. Andre lifted her over his shoulder, while continuing to fire his SMG. The zombies were defeated, but Andre was left nearly out of ammunition for his beloved machine pistol.

Two of the zombies encountered were recognized as resistance members, which led to some intriguing clues. The street-wise Andre understood that the piece of paper saying "Red Dog Barks" in Polish was some sort of pass-code. Karina Ludmila's house was searched and a couple grenades were found along with love letters from one Waldemar Lubomir from the now Russian-occupied city of Sandomierz. Dr. Zim declared that they must seek out this person and inform him of the untimely demise of his sweetheart.

The party looted the general store and shoe-maker's store, taking with them rolls of leather for repairing their protective leather-jackets and with plans of fashioning similar leather pants. They declined to investigate the church(where they would have found the town's only surviving resident) and then set about looking for mounts to make the journey easier.

Wary from their injuries, they avoided confrontation with a shambling zombie-pack, however, six failed luck-rolls later revealed only zombie-horses, which were quickly put out of their misery.

In the end, the pair left town on foot, headed South on the long walk to Sandiomierz. As they left the road and headed into the forest to avoid the first town on their route, they were accosted by a proud-looking man wearing a Polish cavalry sword and informing them that they were surrounded. Andre wisely used the passcode found earlier and gained the band of resistance-fighters' confidence.

After telling their story, the rebel leader, one Jodocus Jacenty of the 5th Polish Cavalry, told a story of his own. Apparently, the previous afternoon, a small German convoy was seen heading South, away from Gojcow. This was unusual for two reasons:
  1. Most of the German troops had already withdrawn North to Opatow, and the few that remain are fleeing in that direction
  2. The convoy included a halftrack and a truck with a strangely unrecognized insignia
The exchange ended with the party putting off their trip to Sandomierz and accepting a mission from Jodocus: to catch up with the convoy and find out what they are up to and possibly to sabotage it if they are able. Jodocus agreed to provide the party with a place to take a short rest, horses, and one of his men to help them in their mission.

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