Monday 23 December 2019

Rules for Zombie Dreidel

So here's a little Hannuka themed game, born while sitting around a table at a Hannuka-themed Bat-Mitzva party with members of my gaming group. It's inspired from Steve Jackson's Zombie Dice. It makes for a light holiday-themed party game.


The Original d4
You are Macabees, resisting the Greek(Seleucid) conquerors. Each time you roll the dice, you go to battle!


You will need a pile of 8-10 dreidels, and a writing implement/smartphone to track everyone's score.


Whoever gets to 8 points first wins!

Your Turn

Turns go around the table. On your turn, roll 3 dreidels like dice, representing the next 3 Greek warriors facing you!

  • Gimel- you defeated your opponent, get 1 point
  • Hey- you scored a hit on your opponent, get 1/2 point
  • Nun- you and your opponent are still facing off
  • Shin(or Pey)- your opponent scored a hit on you
Put your points on one side, and the hits against you on the other. The Nuns go back in your hand. If your opponents score 2 hits on you, your turn ends and you lose any points you gained this turn!

If you survived your first turn, you must choose to either
  1. Tactical Retreat- write down the points you gained this turn, and pass to the next player
  2. Continue Fighting- leave the Gimels, Heys, Shins you rolled on the table. Pick up the Nuns you rolled and more dreidels from the pile for a total of 3 and roll again!
The real Hannuka battle is one of willpower!

You can choose to keep pressing your luck and Continue Fighting until you win with 8 total points or you get two hits against you, in which case you lose any points scored this turn. My personal advice- quit while you're ahead! Remember, the real Maccabees won with Guerilla tactics!

Have a happy holiday and don't eat too many Sufganiot!

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