Thursday 20 April 2017

Star Wars Session 4 Summary

Session 4 was a couple months ago, but I never quite got around to writing the summary. Then, last week I watched season 1 of The Expanse(it was awesome) and got all excited about our Star Wars campaign, so here goes:

...OK, actually I don't remember much so this will be a short one. Picking up where we left off with Session 3...

The party started out in Squab System on the squib home world. They bought a Boarding Rig for their Imperial Shuttle in the hope of capturing hostile(read expensive) ships.

They then jumped, if I recall, to the Paradise System, then Hinda.
In Hinda, they landed on planet, but were given the run around by the local official, a man by the last name of Tarkin. In fact, the planet's ruler is Governor Helmrod Tarkin.

The Knight they Killed
They moved-on to Myloc System. This was when the party started a very fortunate run of luck...

With some nice skill checks, their scanners picked up a small craft hiding in an asteroid field. Not only that, but they managed to sneak up on it and catch it in their boarding rig. The air lock opened and... out jumped a very angry Knight of Ren with a big angry light sabre. He missed his attack(really bad roll on my part) and also royally botched his dodge and stun rolls and was immediately knocked out and subdued. (A big anti-climax for the DM. I was sure he would dispatch a PC or two...)

The party tried interrogating him, but he began to break free with his force powers, so they dispatched him quickly while he was still relatively helpless. He seems to have some sort of electronic brain implant.

As for his ship, it was a small ship, but with very rare stealth capability. A very expensive little prize, if they can actually find someone to sell it...

On his ship, they found a damaged cyber-hand of antique construction. Strange since he has both his hands...

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