Thursday 19 May 2016

Star Wars 2020: Session 2 Summary

So we finally got together for a second session. Last time the party escaped their Ugor task masters in the Nocto system in an old imperial shuttle with just a backup hyperdrive. This session began with a slightly modified character lineup.

Blank Shuttle Sheet
  • Pigman- a Gammorian beater/scavenger/heavy machine user/starship pilot(Avraham)
  • Art- Ithorian tech Rock gardener, healing(Avi)
  • Lucky- a Gran with many natural talents, good at dodging, explosives, stock market, interstellar navigation, leadership, pharmaceuticals(Lauren)
  • The Wookie- a wookie turret gunner, butt kicker(Joshua)
  • Roy- NPC scavenger from Nocto II
  • Snortbert-NPC Gammorian who swears fealty to the Wookie at end of session
  • Deeberjay- NPC Nephew of Ilay who party agrees to transport at end of session

Then we moved on to filling out the shuttle Ship Sheet(modified from Traveller). The party set the goals of:

  1. Getting a proper hyperdrive
  2. Charging their fuel cells
  3. Fixing the hull damage
  4. Getting an Astromech droid for repairs

Shuttle Sheet at End of Session

Klaatu System

The party arrived in Klaatu system. They opened communications with the Space Station, which directed them to the customs platform. They eventually got clearance to land on the station. While there they:
  • Took a delivery mission from Station AI to Squab system, 10000 credits on delivery
  • Fueled up at station's expense
  • Art fixed the ship, hover vehicles, installed parts, haggled for a broken hyperdrive
  • Pigman, Lucky, and the Wookie hitchhiked back and forth from the moon colony
  • While there they sold and bought stuff


While taking a cab between the colony and the Rift, the party's cab was told to pull over by a heavily armed stretch limo hovercar. An Ugor, two Mandalorian Bounty Hunters, and two Gammorian Guards ordered them to surrender. After a hectic battle, the Ugor was captured, a defeated Gammorian had sworn fealty to The Wookie, and the others were dead. The party was pretty banged-up too, but they had gained a good deal of booty!

The Jouney Begins

The party began their trip to Squab with the short jump to Aiquin 4. They requested permission to land, claiming to have salvaged their ship from Klaatu system(little do they know that the Squib on Aiquin 4 claim exclusive salvage rights to the surrounding star systems). They landed only to find themselves facing a full contingent of Squib marines. In the interrogation that followed, the true story came out and the Squib were happy to hear that the ship was stolen directly from an Ugor salvage mission.
Updated Map
  • The party was allowed to register their shuttle on Aiquin 4 for 1000 credits
  • The Clan Leader of Aiquin 4, Ilay, requested to meet them. She asked them to do her a favor and transport hernephew to the Polyanarcharial Palace in the Squib homeworld in Squab system
  • They sold some more items at somewhat poor prices, the squibs being expert negotiators
  • Lucky accessed the planetary network and researched the various systems in Airam Sector, resulting in an updated sector map

At this point, we decided to call it a night...


  1. These are great reports. I hope you keep them up! Love the map. It seems to offer a so many opportunities for adventure...

    1. Glad you enjoyed! It was a fun session. Well my wife is due in a month, so we'll see how soon we manage to squeeze in another game session)