Monday 24 December 2012

Pirate Starting Scenario

The Hook

How pleasant the long journey to the New World started out.  The calls of the gulls, the rocking of the ship. The fresh salt air itself seemed full with new potentialities.

And how awkward it was when the Squire who owned the boat found out you were fugitives from the law.  The quick skirmish ended in an extended draw, with you barricaded in the ship's cabin.  After a long, tense night, an agreement was reached.

And so you find yourselves at dawn rowing the ship's longboat toward a nearby island.  As you near, a quaint seaside village comes into sight, the locals just starting to set-out in their fishing skiffs.  It seems tranquil enough, but you suspect that the Squire might send someone looking for you before too long, so you'd better not be too complacent.

The party has been left with just a row-boat and their personal belongings in a cluster of tropical islands on the trade route between the Old and the New Worlds.  They left the Old World as fugitives, hoping to make a new start.  Now, it seems their reputation has followed them, and even if they manage to gain passage to the New World, they are in danger of being recognized by one of the many witnesses to the recent shoot-out aboard the ship.

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