Wednesday 14 February 2018

SW2020 Ship Combat

So we covered ship combat briefly in a previous post, but now that the party has had a few space battles, let's give some more details.


Turn order of the different ships is determined at beginning of combat. Each ship's Pilot rolls initiative as 1d10+REF+Pilot Skill


Each ship has a maximum speed measured in MGLT. This is roughly how many Meters per Second the ship travels, so each round, ships can travel their MGLT speed x3 meters

Object Size

We'll be talking about the size of things a lot, especially in regard to how hard it is to hit. Here are the general size classes:

  1. Missile
  2. Fighter
  3. Freighter/Shuttle
  4. Corvette
  5. Light Cruiser
  6. Cruiser
  7. Heavy Cruiser
  8. Super Cruiser


Long Range

If ships are at long range, they can easily get a missile lock on one another.

Short Range

If ships are at close range, dogfighting, roll your pilot skill 1d10+REF+Pilot Skill to see if you can manage to get a missile lock. Your opponent makes an opposing skill roll to see if he can avoid giving you a lock. If he succeeds, you wasted your turn trying to get a lock.


The pilot is going to have to do some fancy flying to avoid the missile. Roll 1d10+REF+Pilot Skill.

Avoid Missile Roll
  • Small Ship(fighter) vs. Proton Torpedo: 15
  • Small Ship(fighter) vs. Concussion Missile: 20
  • Medium Ship(Freighter, Shuttle) vs. Proton Torpedo: 20
  • Medium Ship(Freighter, Shuttle) vs. Concussion Missile: 25
  • Large Ship(Corvette+) can't avoid
Note: Gunners can also attempt to shoot down missiles.


Fixed Guns

If ships are engaged in a dogfight then they can attempt to shoot one another. To fire, the pilot should roll 1d10+REF+Pilot Skill for each gun

Turret Guns

If ships are engaged in a dogfight then they can attempt to shoot one another. To fire, the gunner should roll 1d10+REF+Turret Gunner skill

Gun Target To-Hit Roll
  • Target is 2+ size larger 10
  • Target is 1 size larger 10
  • Target of same size 15
  • Target is one size smaller 20
  • Target is two sizes smaller 25
  • Target is three sizes smaller 30


  • Ships have points for shields. Once those are gone, we go to hull damage
  • Ships have points for hull
  • Each hit that puts hull points at 0 or less damages some critical system(at random)
For example:
  1. Pressurized Hull
  2. Power Cells
  3. Power Distribution
  4. Radiator Fins
  5. Ion Drive
  6. Atmospheric Control Surfaces
  7. Hyperdrive
  8. Nav Computer
  9. Sensors
  10. Communications Antenna
  11. Cloaking Device
  12. Weapon Systems(roll one)
  13. Shield Generator
  14. Life Support
  15. Heating
  16. Astromech Droid
  17. Cargo Bay
  18. Cockpit
  19. Crew Compartment
  20. Turret Gunner Compartment

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