Sunday 3 January 2016

A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Away

So here it is, the starting scenario for the Star Wars game I'm planning on running soon:

The date is 30ABE(After Battle of Endor). The Empire has fallen decades ago and been replaced by a weakened Republic. Now the First Order's Starkiller Base has taken out the Republic base of power in the Hosnian system before itself being destroyed(as per the most recent film).

A Salvage site on Nocto II
Our PC's find themselves on in a remote corner of the Galaxy(the Airam sector), on the planet Nocto II(in the Nocto system). Before the Empire fell, there was a good deal of fighting going on in this system, the heaviest being here on Nocto II. Now, the Ugor Cartel rules the planet, running a planet-wide salvage operation on the aftermath of the battle.

Some scavengers came here seeking their fortune, others were left here against their will. In any case, the Ugors take full advantage of the scavengers, providing them with minimum services, and paying them a subsistence-level bounty for the valuable salvage they do find. The only exception to this rule is if scavengers find a working space craft. All such finds are forfeit to High Priest Zorkblag the Infallible, governor of this planet, by Divine Fiat! The penalty for failing to turn-over such fines, a painful death!

You few scavengers get caught in a huge sand-storm on the way back from the site. You retreat to a cave in the rocky foothill to wait out the storm. Investigating an area that has caved in, you can't believe your eyes--a skeleton in Imperial uniform under the rubble!
Lambda class Shuttle

Walking deeper into the caves you find it! An old Lambda-class Imperial shuttle, in what looks to be fairly good condition. You glance at your companions. Can they help you get it out of the caves? Do they have the skills to fly the thing? Can they be trusted? Here lies more credits than you could hope to earn in a whole lifetime of scavenging! Better yet, this is your ticket off this rock! But will this be the making of your fortune or will it be your death!? Only the fates can tell...

A few other details:

  • Examining it, you see the Hyperdrives have been removed, apparently years ago. If you want to get away from the Ugor, you'll need jump capability!
  • It only has about 2 cells worth of fuel left. That just isn't going to cut it! Can you obtain more without attracting the wrong sort of attention?
  • It has some hull damage, but not too bad(about 25%)
  • Computer's data banks have been wiped(Standard procedure for an Imperial officer making an emergency landing in unfriendly territory). The nav computer is going to need something to go on in order to calculate jumps.

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