Monday 21 October 2013

The Journey

Here's a great little DnD-inspired video with a message.

Two scabs get hold of a map, dropped by some shiny, incredible adventurer.  They wander through wonders, and dangers, defeating monsters, and just being general murder-hobos about everything.

Finally, the passage of time shown in their long beards and heroic bearing, they come to the end of the trail.  A huge X in an empty room, and they don't get it, where's the treasure?!  Then they see it: a mirrored wall showing...their own reflections!  The journey was what was important, was what transformed them into the men they are now.

I think this video is a good metaphor for the player's experience in RPGs. The point isn't the amassed imaginary treasure or experience. The point is the journey: getting to spend a few short hours trekking across lush fantasy worlds or exploring lost planetoids or escaping dank caves full of misshapen terrors.

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