Monday 7 January 2013

Meet Sigyn

Having survived the adventure included in WFRP1e, our DM informed us that a party of 3 characters won't survive what he's got in store for us.  So we all are creating a second PC(I'm apparently the only one who prefers hirelings to multiple PCs).  As such, meet Sigyn:

Seigwart meets-up with the party accompanied by a sturdily-built young woman, dressed as an independent mercenary, in a helmet and breastplate.

Signyn is the daughter of a retainer for a petty lord.  Having no sons, her father raised her in the martial arts, ignoring her desire to become a singer and entertainer.  She ran away from home, hoping to become a legendary bard.  She is looking for adventure so that she might have tales to sing about.  Seigwart convinced her that joining his party could help her find worthy adventures and that his connections could help her in finding a venue to sing in.  Realistically, he probably has unwholesome plans for the young lady, though if she finds out, he may end up taking a thrashing.

Name: Sigyn
Race: Human
Gender: F
Alignment: N
Age: 26
Height: 5"4
Fate Points: 4
Career Class: Warrior
Current Career: Mercenary
Career Exits: Artillerist, Gunner, Mercenary Captain, Outlaw Chief, Slaver, Tunnel Fighter


  • Starting Profile:
    • M: 4
    • WS: 38
    • BS: 32
    • S: 4
    • T: 3
    • W: 7
    • I: 25
    • A: 1
    • Dex: 37
    • Ld: 30
    • Int: 30
    • Cl: 34
    • WP: 29
    • Fel: 39
  • Advanced Scheme(Mercenary)
    • WS:10
    • BS:10
    • S:1
    • W:2
    • I:10
    • A:1
    • LD:10
    • CL:10
  • Current Profile:
    • A:2


Disarm, Dodge Blow, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun,
Night Vision, Very Strong, Sing, Drive Cart, Animal Care
Languages: Old Worlder, Battle Tongue


Sturdy Clothing, Boots, Metal Breastplate, Helmet
Sling Bag, Pewter Tankard, Cutlery, Tinderbox, Blanket
Knife, Sword, Normal Bow, Quiver, 10 arrows

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