Friday 12 October 2012

Madame Ling's House of 1000 Shadows

Madame Ling runs an Opium den out of a shambling campus of interconnected, run-down buildings/apartments, buried in a local slum.  Her customers include, soldiers, civilians, and even public figures intent on keeping their patronage secret.

Special Services

Madame ling is a mysterious personality with much insight into human nature.  In addition to her normal services, she is willing to offer special concoctions to customers with the need and means to pay for them.

For the type of concoction, use these tables, based on noisms' wonderful tables here, but modified for a modern CP2020 setting.


Roll a d8 to determine the poppy's color: 

1 - Blue
2 - Red
3 - Purple
4 - Yellow
5 - Brown
6 - Green
7 - Black
8 - White


Roll a d4 to determine the type of drug which the poppy can be used to produce:

1 - The poppy is a Depressant, i.e. one which diminishes sensation.
2 - The poppy is a Stimulant, i.e. one which increases alertness or awareness.
3 - The poppy is a Hallucinogen, i.e. one which causes hallucinations.
4 - The poppy is a Nootropic, i.e. one which enhances the functioning of the brain.

Means of Ingestion

Roll a d6 to determine the primary means of ingestion:

1 - The poppy is crushed and then made into tea.
2 - The poppy is crushed and then smoked in a pipe.
3 - The poppy is crumbled, wrapped in paper, and smoked like a cigarette.
4 - The poppy is crushed and snorted.
5 - The poppy is crushed, mixed with the blood of an animal, made into tablets, and swallowed.
6 - The poppy is crushed, mixed with the blood of an animal, then injected with a syringe.


Roll a d4 to determine the specific effects:

For Depressants:

1 - The poppy deadens fear. The character gains immunity to all forms of fear, spook and similar for 1d12 hours.
2 - The poppy deadens pain. The character need not make stun checks when injured.  They must still make checks for death for mortal wounds.
3 - The poppy deadens the mind, and prevents the effects of illusions and other mind-affecting magic for 1d12 hours.
4 -  The poppy lowers the blood flow and slows the spread of poison. Equivalent to a slow poison spell. Lasts for 1d12 hours.

For Stimulants:

1 - The poppy prevents sleep. The character can stay awake for one night and the next day without suffering ill-effects, but must make a resist poison check of difficulty 20 the following night or collapse from exhaustion for 12 hours.
2 - The poppy stimulates the senses. The character can make a skill check for awareness/notice etc. at a +5 for d12 hours.
3 - The poppy boosts energy. The character gains +2 to body for d6 hours.
4 - The poppy boosts the body's natural healing. Wounds are healed at and additional 1 point/day for the next 4 days.

For Hallucinogens: 
1 - The smoker's consciousness leaves his body, and his spirit may travel through the spirit world to spy on goings-on elsewhere. Equivalent to the wizard spell clairvoyance.
2 - The smoker's consciousness leaves his body and he gains the ability to communicate with the Elephant God. He may ask three questions of the deity, which it is said will tell the truth five times out of ten, tell a lie four times out of ten, and refuse to answer once. Once all three questions have been asked the smoker enters a fugue state for the remaining duration.
3 - The smoker forgets the last 1d10 hours completely
4 - The smoker trains with the originator of an obscure martial art in the spirit realm.  Now has a skill level of 8 in it.

For Nootropics:

1 - The poppy boosts memory. All knowledge-based skill-levels are doubled for one day. 
2 - The poppy boosts human perception checks by +5 for d6 hours.
3 - The poppy boosts judgement. The character has a 25% of automatically detecting lies for d6 hours.
4 - The poppy improves concentration. Dodge/Evade checks are +5 for next d12 hours.


Addictiveness is a function of potency. Roll a d20 to determine potency. There is a flat 20% of addiction on first taking a dose of a poppy, + potency score. (Thus, there is a 34% chance of becoming addicted to a poppies with a potency of 14.) On a successful Resist Poison of difficulty 20, this is halved. The second time a dose of the poppy is taken 10% is added to the chance of addiction, and for every additional dose thereafter. 

An addicted character must have a dose of the poppy every day from that point on, or suffer -1 to all stats that day, and -1 cumulatively for each day thereafter. If any stat reaches 0, the character dies. After 2d6 days, if the character is still alive, the addiction breaks.


Cost per dosage is generally 10 units of currency per point of potency.

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