Monday 16 July 2012

Chief Quartermaster Ltn. Yuri Leonov

Following last session where the party met Chief Quartermaster Ltn. Yuri Leonov, next session, the officer will make the party the following offer:

The party can give-in equipment for credit(in Rubles):
  • Russian arms for 80% of value
  • German/Polish arms for 40% of value
Likewise, they can buy equipment from him with the credit.  The chance of him having a particular item from the list on a given day are:
  • Russian-made 90%
  • German-made 50%
  • Polish-made 10%
  • Heavy-equipment on a case-per-case basis
Similarly, the party can redeem their credit for cash(Rubles) at a rate of 50% it's value.

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