Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Fight Club Mini-Game

So two of you have arrived, but the rest of your gaming group is running late.  The pizza isn't here yet and you've run through all the small-talk already.  What can you do?  NEED STIMULATION NOW! Well here's The Fight Club Mini-Game for two players to keep you busy...


Step 1 Create Your Fighter

  1. Divide 17 points between Body, Reflexes, and Cool stats(maximum 10)
  2. Calculate your BTM(damage reduction due to toughness)
  3. Calculate you Strength Modifier to damage
  4. Divide 30 skill points between the 10 martial arts skills(maximum 10)

Sample Character Sheet

Strength Modifier
Body:6 Ref:7 CL:4 BTM:-2 SB: +0
  • Strike: 3
  • Dodge Blow: 3
  • Enter Clinch: 3
  • Escape to Standing: 3
  • Grappling Counter: 3
  • Improve Ground Position: 3
  • Takedown: 3
  • Joint Lock: 3
  • Choke: 3
  • Kick: 3

Step 2 Fight!

Appendix: Alternative Martial Arts Rules for CP2020

Here are all the posts on this alternate system for Cyberpunk 2020 Martial Arts

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