Thursday 25 July 2013

Fight Club: Playtest #2

Well, after my Grappler got his arm broken by a better Grappler, I figured I'd better create a Ground and Pound fighter to set the record straight.  Yes, it's another Fight Club playtest...

Roughneck Red

Red gets in a lot of fights.  And he's good at it.  He did a good deal of highschool wrestling, but a lot of his training is from the street.  He's fast and mean, though a bit of a coward when he's evenly matched.
Body:6 Ref:10 CL:1 BTM:-2 SB: +0
  • Takedown: 9
  • Grappling Counter: 9
  • Strike: 6
  • Enter Clinch: 3
  • Improve Ground Position: 3
  • Dodge Blow: 0
  • Joint Lock: 0
  • Escape to Standing: 0
  • Choke: 0
  • Kick: 0

  • Round 1
    • Biff shot in for a clinch, but was rebuffed
    • Red responded with a sharp jab to the face, which Biff shook-off
  • Round 2
    • Red landed another sweet jab, which again didn't phase Biff
    • Biff shot in again but was again rejected
  • Round 3
    • Red tried another jab, but this time Biff was ready
    • Biff landed a hard kick on Red, nearly flooring him, but he kept on going
  • Round 4
    • I didn't want to get another kick like that, so Red shot into a clinch
    • Biff attempted a takedown but Red avoided it
  • Round 5
    • Red took Biff down to a neutral position on the ground
    • Biff tried to advance to a superior position but was countered
  • Round 6
    • Red landed a punch on Biff that left him Lightly Stunned
  • Round 7
    • Red punched the stunned Biff, knocking him out completely(Stunned)


Wow, another close fight.  CP2020 combat is really intense, because any attack can potentially leave you stunned and helpless, so you weigh each move carefully.

We noticed that there was no advantage to punching over kicking and kicking does more damage.  The solution we came up with is the following rule, based on the reality of kicking in a fight:
  • Easier to counter
    • if your kick from standing misses then you are easier(+4) to strike/kick/clinch until your next turn


  1. This is awesome! I'm actually halfway through a mma system and was thinking about doing something similar to your fight club. Very cool!

    1. Cool enjoy! Feel free and borrow, and let me know if you want to compare notes...

    2. will do. When I get a draft past playtest, I'll send you a copy.

    3. Thanks. And note that the latest version is the google doc: