Monday 1 July 2013

Phasers for WFRP

I owe my group some stats for the phasers they found last session, so here goes.

Phasers have a "battery" which can typically hold up to 10 charges before it needs to be recharged/replaced.  They also have a control which allows the user to select how many charges to use for a particular shot, typically with a maximum of 5.  Each charge used adds another +5 to damage.  So the damage per number of charges used is:

  • 1 charge, the phaser does normal damage(1d6)
  • 2 charges 1d6+5
  • 3 charges 1d6+10
  • 4 charges 1d6+15
  • 5 charges 1d6+20

To Hit is rolled with ballistics skill--no special skill is needed as long as the character has been instructed how to use the weapon.  Range as follows:

Jimmy-Rigged Phaser81625
Handheld Phaser163250
Phaser with Electronic Sight64128600


  1. I think I will need to go through my AD&D barrier peaks module eh?