Sunday 7 July 2013

Laser Rifles and Space Suits for WFRP

Well I did Phasers, so now some other equipment.

Laser Rifle(found in Session 7)

A laser rifle is a strength 5 missile weapon with very long range.  If a shot hits someone in the head, they must make a toughness test for each eye or be blinded in that eye.

To Hit is rolled with ballistics skill--no special skill is needed as long as the character has been instructed how to use the weapon.  Range as follows:

Weapon  Short Long Extreme
Laser Rifle 64128600

Space Suit(found in Session 6)

A shiny metallic full-body suit with glass-like helmet. Allows the wearer to breath in the vacuum of space, under-water, in place with poison gas/spores.

Attacks to the wearer will usually damage the suit, ruining it.


  1. Blinded?

    It's WFRP!

    The eyeball should explode...

    1. I like your style, kid. You'll go far in this town!