Monday 31 December 2012

Pirate Game Character Creation

1. Create a fighting man with the DnD of your choice.

So for Labyrinth Lord:
  • 3d6 in-order OR 18d6, assign 3 to each stat.
  • 1d8 HP, modified by CON
  • Base AC=10, modified by DEX
  • Due to the more focussed mechanics, I'm tempted to use 5 ability scores, but do whatever you want:
    • PHS(combined STR/CON)
    • DEX
    • INT(combined INT/WIS)
    • CHR
    • LUCK

2. Give them an Occupation

3. Equipment

  • Roll 1d10 SP for starting money
  • Starting equipment is:
    • Clothing of your choice
    • Missile Weapon(choose 1) plus ammo/powder for 10 shots
      • Musket/Blunderbuss
      • 2 Pistols or Dragons
      • Bows
    • Hand Weapon of your choice
    • One Occupation-related item of your choice(thieves' tools, doctor's bag, compass, rope, dice...)
    • 25% chance of animal companion(monkey, parrot, dog, etc.)

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