Thursday 13 December 2012

Naval Crafts & Heavy Guns

Following-up my post on Naval Combat, here are some stats to get that working.


Each ship is unique, but here are some typical numbers.  Note that a fully-laden boat travels at 2/3 speed and an overloaded boat at 1/2 speed.  Also, boats can be loaded to double their standard crew capacity, though it's by no means comfortable.

Jollyboat or Sailing Skiff
Crew: 1-6
Sail Points: 0 or 2
Masts: 0 or 1(doesn't need seperate helmsman and rigger to sail)
Typical Speed: 60ft/round sailing, 30ft/round rowing
Water Units to Sink: 2
ShipAC: 17
Seaworthiness: 3 or 6

Crew: 3-10
Sail Points: 5
Masts 1
Max Heavy Guns: 1
Typical Speed: 90ft/round
Water Units to Sink: 10
ShipAC: 10

Seaworthiness: 8

Crew: 6-20
Sail Points: 10
Masts: 2
Max Heavy Guns: 3 (2 canons on each side of deck, 1 swivel gun on poop deck)
Typical Speed: 120 ft/round
Water Units to Sink: 30
ShipAC: 7

Seaworthiness: 8

Crew: 8-30
Sail Points: 20
Masts: 3
Max Heavy Guns: 6 (4 canons split between two sides of deck, 2 swivel guns on each side of poop deck)
Typical Speed: 120 ft/round
Water Units to Sink: 60
ShipAC: 5

Seaworthiness: 10

Heavy Guns

Swivel Gun
Hull/Sail Damage: 1d2
Crew: 1

Small Cannon(Biggest gun you can put on a Cog)
Hull/Sail Damage: 1d4
Crew: 1

Standard Cannon
Hull/Sail Damage: 1d6
Crew: 2

Heavy Cannon
Hull/Sail Damage: 1d8
Crew: 2

Huge Cannon(Carrack only)
Hull/Sail Damage: 1d10
Crew: 3

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