Tuesday 5 January 2016


Well, here it is. Rules for getting around outer space in Star Wars 2020.

Fuel Cells

(Taken from this forum) Spaceports are equipped with fusion generators that recharge fuel cells. At the slowest rate of charge, this costs next to nothing, but if called upon to recharge quickly, the costs increase rapidly:

Charging Rate - Typical cost per cell

  • Trickle (1 cell/day) - 5 credits
  • Standard (1 cell/hour) - 10 credits
  • Fast (4 cells/hour) - 50 credits
  • Emergency (20 cells/hour) - 500 credits

Most stock light freighters are equipped with 50 fuel cells. Additional Fuel Cells: 500 credits each. One cell of fuel is used for:

  • Entering Hyperspace 
  • Six hours in Hyperspace 
  • One month realspace operation 
  • One hour combat maneuvers 
  • One hour atmospheric flight

Hyperspace Travel Times

Here is a tool for long-distance travel: http://www.swcombine.com/navcomp/

For short distances, I've mapped out most of Airam sector. I'll share parts of that map with the party as it becomes relevant.

Ship Stats

Updated list of ship stats are available here: Equipment List

Ship Combat

This is a work in progress. In general:


  • Attacks are made as a CP2020 skill check i.e. gunnery, etc.
    • Pilot check can try and evade on a hit though
    • If ship you're attacking is of bigger class, hit is automatic
  • Guided missiles don't require a check
    • But gunner can try and shoot the missile
    • Pilot can try and evade it


  • Ships have points for shields. Once those are gone, we go to hull damage
  • Ships have points for hull. Once those are gone, the ship is no longer air-tight.
  • Each hit that puts hull points at 0 or less damages some critical system(at random)

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