Wednesday 6 January 2016

Welcome to Nocto II

Thanks to donjon's wonderful planet generator, we now have a map of Nocto II, Nocto System, Airam Sector. 

It's mostly a desert planet, but thanks to the Battle of Nocto in 3ABY, the second planet in the system has seen quite a surge of activity. In that battle, the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance was destroyed, breaking up in space and eventually crashing down on the surface of Nocto II. In following years, there was a protracted dispute between Ugor and Squib salvage operations, with the Ugors eventually winning control of Nocto II.

The map shows the major sites of interest on Nocto II:
  1. Foretown- scavenger town near the Fore section of SSD Vengeance
  2. Aftown- scavenger town near the Aft section of SSD Vengeance(adventure begins near here)
  3. Nocto II Spaceport- spaceport and general hive of scum and villainy
  4. The Great Debris Belt- 3000km of debris from the battle
  5. The Twins- Polar salvage operation around crash site of two heavy cruisers

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