Sunday 3 January 2016

A First Star Wars Adventure Hook

So Star Wars 2020 is coming along, hopefully we'll be ready for a game session on Thursday. So far I would say I'm about half-way there in terms of DM prep:

  1. Made a character generator
  2. Listed 21 systems in the sector with at least 1 point of interest in each
  3. Started mapping the 21 systems(still needs a bit more work)
  4. Listed 9 "Princes" i.e. factional rulers, the systems they control, and their relationships with one another(maybe needs a bit more detail)
  5. Made an equipment list with some stats(still needs a bit more detail)

And I still have some major tasks to do:
  1. Need to put a bit more detail into the starting scenario
  2. I Listed 11 "minor" persons the party is likely to encounter in the first session, but they need more fleshing out
  3. I Listed 10 types of ship the party is likely to encounter in the first session, but I still need to stat them up
  4. Started researching space travel rules. Still need to organize them into 1 page though
  5. I need to come up with all sorts of combat stats for potential opponents
  6. And I need a to make a table of rumors the party might hear that would lead into adventure hooks
Speaking of that last one, I already have our first rumor.

So the date is 30ABE. The Empire has fallen decades ago and been replaced by a weakened Republic. Now the First Order's Starkiller Fortress has taken out the Republic fleet before itself being destroyed(as per the most recent film). Our PC's are in Airam Sector i.e. a rather remote location on the Outer Rim.

The rumor is that, after the Rebellion victory in this sector, the Surviving Imperial troops, with all their remaining military hardware, took over a remote jungle jungle planet in Nodgra System. They mostly keep to themselves and the locals have never been able to muster the power-base to root them out. In any case, the rumor is that King Ebareebaveebeedee, of the Squib, would pay well for any interesting intelligence as to what they are up to. The last intel photographs from their settlement(see below) are decades old and rather innocuous, but who knows what they may be up to now that the First Order has shown themselves as a power to be reckoned with:

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