Thursday 7 January 2016

Star Wars 2020 Session Summary 1

So we got together and played a few hours of Star Wars 2020. The party was:

  • Pigman- a Gammorian beater/scavenger/heavy machine user/turret gunner(Avraham)
  • Art- Ithorian tech Rock gardener, healing(Avi)
  • Aazilbaki- a Green Twi'lek fighter pilot/untrained force user/insterstellar navigation(Avram)
  • Meemu- Ewok super martial artist, hoverbike riding loner, wamprat hunter, hyperdrive-tech(Mati)
  • Lucky- a Gran with many natural talents, good at dodging, explosives, stock market, interstellar navigation, leadership, pharmaceuticals(Lauren)
As mentioned previously, the setup is on Nocto II. The party are scavengers who stumble onto the motherload: a working Imperial Shuttle, undiscovered these 20 years. The only problem is they'll need to get it some sort of hyperdrive, maps for the nav computer, and some fuel cells if they're going to escape Ugor space. And they need to do it all discreetly.

The party were smart enough to search the shuttle thoroughly, lucking out by finding 17 pristine suits of Stormtrooper armor on board, which helped them with the funds they needed to pull off their caper.

Back to Town

Meemu used his underworld connections to determine that Kryygh, an Ithorian Bounty Hunter stationed nearby, would be willing to sell them his backup hyperdrive for an extravagant amount. They sold him 8 of the armors in exchange for dropping the backup hyperdrive at a pre-determined location later that night. They also wanted another fuel cell and a sector map.

Map of Airam Sector

As they were leaving the bounty hunter's ship, they noticed someone with hairy legs and a long cloak outside, but he didn't seem to be spying on them. Aazilbaki followed him anyway but lost him in the crowd.

Art traded his artwork to Snorblob the Ugor Cartel representative in town for another fuel cell, but then ditched it when he realized that it probably had a tracking device on it(DM Aside: he was right!)

They then heard a rumor that Roy, a Human Scavenger, had a stash for when he would one day make it off the planet. They spoke to him and made a deal. They would let him come along for his 7 fuel cells.

A Gammorian guard pulled Meemu aside and tried interrogating him, but the wily Ewok managed to escape.

The party now knew for sure that they were being watched so they made a plan.

In the Scavenging Fields

While Pigman, Art, and Aazilbaki snuck-off to the rendezvous point, Meemu and Lucky were very conspicuous about going with Roy to his stash. They did a good job and were followed by a couple tough bounty hunters, under Ugor employ.

There was a very close fight. I really didn't think Meemu, Lucky, and Roy could win. After a good deal of crawling around, hiding, shooting and kicking:
  • Meemu's hoverbike was fried by a laser rifle
  • One bounty hunter failed a stun check the second time he was hit by an axe, taking him out of the fight
  • The other bounty hunter was tricked out of cover with an unarmed thermal detonator, then had his leg shot off with his captured buddy's laser rifle
  • But, unfortunately Meemu, after shooting a bounty hunter full in the helmet with his own blaster pistol, was hit with three rounds from an automatic blaster rifle, killing the brave little Ewok outright! (and he was their only hyperdrive tech- evil DM laugh!)
Lucky and Roy took the bounty hunters' hoverbikes and hauled the fuel cells and loot to rejoin the rest of the party's night time rendezvous. Now the party was reunited and dragging their new hyperdrive to the shuttle. At the same time, they saw they were being followed.

Flyboys and Explosions

They made it to the caves, with three hovercars close on their tail. Art attempted to install the hyperdrive and Pigman to clear the rubble from the cave-in that was blocking their escape route. The rest of the party lay in wait, setting off a couple thermal detonators and blowing up 6 Gammorian guards and much of the cave entrance.

Finally the shuttle was ready, and the party piled in and took off, with Aazilbaki in the pilot seat and Pigman blasting away with the tail gun. The party made it up the gravity well, avoided an Ugor corvette, and made the jump to Klaatu system, escaping Ugor space! (using 4 of their 11 fuel cells in the process and knocking that hull damage up to 27% on the way out of the cave.)

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