Friday 14 December 2012

Death & Dismemberment Table

Death and Dismemberment tables make for An Interesting Death.  A Pirate Death & Dismemberment table should make for eye-patches, peglegs, and hook-hands.

As soon as a characters takes damage that puts them at 0 or negative HP, they should roll 1d6+(number of negative HP) on the Death & Dismemberment Table.

Death & Dismemberment Table

1 Now You've Made Him Mad: +1 to victim's strength bonus for remainder of fight
2 That'll Leave a Scar: gains or loses 1d3 CHR
3 A Stunning Blow: character is not killed, but falls unconscious for 1d10 rounds
4-5 Hit an Artery: Unconscious.  Lose 1 HP per rounds until bandaged.  If reaches -10 is dead
6-7 Maiming Locational Hit(see sub-table)
8 Death Defying Stand: lose 1HP per round, cannot be bandaged.  When reaches -10 is dead.
9 Killed Instantly
10 Horrific Demise: It's going to take a Resurrection spell to bring them back.

Maiming Locational Hit Sub-Table

For these, weapon type matters(heavy gun, slashing, piercing, small firearm, bludgeoning).  Roll area of the body and then see the details below.

1 Right Leg
2 Left Leg
3-4 Right Arm
5-6 Left Arm
7-8 Torso
9-10 Head

Arms & Legs

These all result in -1d3 STR and -1d3 DEX for legs
  • heavy gun/slashing- severs the limb.  Also see Hit an Artery.
  • piercing/small firearm- lames the limb(due to nerve and other tissue damage). Also see Hit an Artery.
  • bludgeoning- breaks the limb


  • heavy gun- see Horrific Demise
  • other weapons- see Hit an Artery


  • slashing- lose nose or ear(-1d3 CHR)
  • piercing- lose eye(-1 to hit with missile weapons)
  • small firearm- see Killed Instantly
  • heavy gun- see Horrific Demise
  • bludgeoning- see A Stunning Blow


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