Friday 11 January 2013

Rudolfo's Crystal Menagerie

To say that Rudolfo liked glass is like saying that the Jabberwock liked knights who with weapons other than a Vorpal sword.

The Wizard Rudolfo was an avid collector of glasswares.  His lair is filled with glass items, most of them worthless souvenirs from his many travels.  There are also treasures wrought from fine crystal.  I'm going to tell you about a few of the more interesting items.

Bird with the Crystal Plumage (snagged from TotGaD)

These birds can be found abundantly, flying in and around Rudolfo's lair.  They are made from crystal  filled with a possibly colored liquid.  Their needle-like adamentine beak can find the cracks in any armour, doing no significant damage, but injecting a dose of the liquid into the victim.  Once they have successfully injected a victim, they will generally fly away. It struck, they are immediately destroyed.

M:6 WS:35 I/Ag:45 A:1

The Effect of the Injected Liquid

  1. Healing Draught
  2. Immunity to Fear/Success on all Cool checks for 1 hour
  3. Poison: Toughness Test or die in TBx2 rounds
  4. Light Warpstone Solution: gain mutations, insanity points
  5. Acid 1d(6 or 10)+4 damage if injected.  If the bird is smashed and the smasher is splashed, roll a d6/d10 for damage, damages any armour it touches.
  6. Cure Poison

Glass Gremlins

These living statues of glass in the shape of a horrible gremlin, filled with a clear liquid, can be found all-over Rudolpho's lair.  Upon encountering interlopers  they will creepily hobble after them all the while baring their sharp steel teeth and flexing their steel claws.  After 5 minutes they will return to their post. They will not attack, but neither will they dodge.  Any attempt to strike the gremlin will cause it to shatter.  The liquid is nitroglycerine.  If struck, they will explode as a shrapnel bomb.

Bomb Damage: 1d10+6 for 10yd radius

Glass Gargoyle

A living statue of glass in an iron frame with numerous sharp edges, it gets many attacks.

M: 3 WS: 35 I/Ag: 55 A: 4 W: 12 SB: 0 TB: 4

The Glass Ceiling

The ceiling, floor, or wall of this room is glass.  Strange and horrible creatures peer down at you, make faces, bang on the glass.  There's a lot you can do with this one:

  1. It's just an illusion
  2. It's actually a mirror, with your reflections modified by an illusion
  3. It's actually just a view of another place/dimension.  Attacking the surface will break the glass screen.
  4. It's real.  The monsters will break the ceiling/floor and you'll all take 1d6+1/1d10+1 glass/falling damage
  5. It's real.  The monsters now know where you are.  They race-off to look for you.
  6. It's real.  The monsters are only able to bang and howl in vain.

Oubliette of Experimentation

These pergola-shaped structures, made from sheets of iron-hard glass-like material, can be found in various parts of the magician's lair.  When sealed and activated, they release experimental gasses to be inhaled by the creatures within.

Types of Triggers:

  • Traps
    • Pressure sensor on floor
    • Heat sensor
    • Optical sensor
  • Experimental
    • Door is fastened from outside
    • Control Panel
    • Big red button

Types of Gas:

  1. Mutant-triggers random mutations
  2. Poison- Toughness-10% Test or die in TB rounds
  3. Gestating Horror- Females will show signs of advance stage pregancy within a few days.  After a month, will appear fully pregnant, vomit regularly, xenomorph, etc. will burst out
  4. Mind Altering- gain insanity points
  5. Chaos Patron contacts you
  6. Drug effect
  7. Superman- your starting strength and toughness are increased to 10% more than the maximum for your race
  8. Monstrous Mutation- character is changed into a random monster type

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