Monday 14 January 2013

How YouTube Ruined the Zoo for Me or Why I'm Terrified of Big Cats

Y'know.  When I was a kid I used to go to the zoo, walk by the lion and tiger cages, and it was like "Yeah, they're like cats.  But bigger.  And they move less."  Now, thanks to YouTube's ample supply of killer cat videos, I know that those big furry balls of murder are only resting, hoping to catch me off guard.

Anyway, so New Tilia has Siberian Tigers.  Also, Aurochs, and Razorbills(from WFRP Core Rules).

Siberian Tiger

M:8 WS:55 I/Agil:60 A:3(5) W:16 SB:4,1,1 TB:4
If the tiger hits with both paws, then it is assumed to be mounted on it's opponent and it gets two more paw attacks.


M:6 WS:33 I/Agil:15 A:2 W:18 SB:5 TB:5

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