Monday 1 May 2017

How do You Get From Airam to Minos Cluster?

Airam Sector
At the end of Session 5 of our Star Wars/Cyberpunk 2020 mashup, the party expressed the desire to follow up on the lead to Darakin University, on Dorcin, Dorkin System, Minos Cluster. This raises a simple question: how do you get from Airam Sector to Minos Cluster Sector?

With 40 years of Star Wars lore collected and organized on the Internet, one might assume this is an easy question to answer. But one would be wrong. I couldn't find any discussion or map that answers this question fully. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. Most of the star wars galaxy maps are at a high level, including only major Hyperlanes
  2. Nav Computer at SW Combine calculates distances, but doesn't specify Hyperlanes at all
  3. Airam Sector appears in the Tie Fighter series of Computer games, as well as the Knights of the Old Republic. Neither of these required players to jump between systems so details how to do so seem non-existent
Outer Rim
So now it's time to solve this problem the way any good DM solves problems: by making stuff up!

Galactic Map

From the Outer Rim Map, we see that
  • Minos connects to Elrood and the Rimma Trade Route at one end
  • Minos connects to Kathol at the other end
  • Airam isn't shown as connecting to anything, so we'll need to remedy that
So since Airam's Hinda System has strong political connections to Eriadu(Seswenna Sector), let's put a minor hyperlane there. Specifically:
  1. Hinda(Airam)
  2. Besberra(Cegul)
  3. Rutan(Atravis)
  4. Hydian Way to Seswenna
Minos Cluster
From Seswenna one can then take the Rimma Trade Route all the way to Minos. But that is a rather roundabout way to get from Airam to Minos. Is there a more direct route? For that matter, do the Ugor and Squib both use this route out of the sector for their galactic salvage operations? The Ugor might, being in the adjacent system, but for the Squib it seems a bit out of the way...

Minos Sector Map

Now let's have a look at 19th Level's Minos Cluster Map. I like this as a starting point because he already did a his homework on the Cluster. We see the Cluster has two connections
  • Elrood Sector
  • Kathol- an even remote system

So if there is a more direct route, it is probably going to be via Elrood or Tantra...
Elrood Sector

Elrood Map

Here's a map of Elrood Sector from Operation Elrood. As you can see, the Coyn Route(Rimma Trade Route) passes through the system. There seems to be a lot of asteroids and clouds in the system that would interfere with off-route Hyperspace travel.

As such, it is unlikely there would be a direct route to Airam Sector

A New Hope

So we seem to be stuck. There is only one way out of Airam Sector and it's surrounded by Ugor and Ex-Imperials and it's not really clear how the Squib run their salvage operation. Bummer...

Ah, but then I saw the first line in Wookiepedia describing the Squib Homeworld:
Skor II was a planet in the Squab system and the homeworld of the Squibs. It was located in the Outer Rim Territories just west of the Rimma Trade Route.
Rimma Trade Route
So it seems that Skor II is specifically known for it's proximity to Rimma. So now I can feel justified about inventing a new hyperlane between Airam and Minos.  Specifically, we'll say that the Squib have a route from Squab/Skor System in Airam to Yelsain System in Minos Cluster. Problem solved!


  1. Hi Billy,

    I'm building a Minos Cluster "Sourcebook" for an upcoming campaign (WEG D6 system).
    And this is what I put together from pieces found on Wookieepedia:

    The only other way into the Pangarees (agriworld region in the Airam sector) is up the Rimma Trade Route all the way to Corlaasi, then along the Dravin Cut (trade route) to the Chundu Shunt (trade route along which lies the world Chundu) in the Cegul sector. The Shunt serves as a gateway to the Pangarees.