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Inspired by REH's Pigeons from Hell and my previous post about Furtive Monsters.

The Zuvembi is a malevolent Undead being, formerly Human, who has been created by a Voodoo ceremony.  The Zuvembi hides away in a dark, secluded lair(often in an abandoned house, building, sewer, crashed plane, beached shipwreck) by day and at night it prowls the area seeking out people unfortunate enough to wander into it's territory.  It is very shy and secretive and possessed of a considerable but inhuman intelligence.  Locals may know the area is dangerous/haunted, but there is only a 20% chance that a local has seen the Zuvembi and lived to tell about it.

The Zuvembi can only be slain with lead or steel.  Any other damage is regenerated at a rate of 20% per day. It prefers remaining in the dark, stalking it's victims furtively and using it's abilities. It will flee if it feels the tables are turning against it. If cornered, and it's aura of fear is overcome, it is not such a formidable opponent, though it will attack with it's hands or any weapon it may have handy. In any case, it prefers to kill as vindictively as possible, terrifying it's victims first if it can.  It does not eat it's victims or any form of food that Humans can discern.

Hypnotism Ability

It can hypnotize the living by the sound of its voice, a sweet, otherworldly piping sound.  It will cause the first hypnotized victim to slowly approach it(25% of movement rate) where it is hiding, while the others are paralyzed, watching their friend walk-off in a trance. When the victim reaches the Zuvembi, it will kill them easily, in some particularly gory manner.

It may continue to call victims one at a time, or release the hypnosis and send the now dead victim(s) to kill the others(see next ability).  The Zuvembi is smart and will often kill the victim that poses the most threat first.

If a victim resists the hypnotism, they are no longer effected by it for the duration of the encounter.

Control Dead Ability

When it slays a man, it can command his lifeless body as a Zombie until the flesh is cold. It will generally release the other hypnosis victims so as to terrify them more, when their now dead friend tries to kill them. Use stats for a Zombie, except that these zombies can use weapons, albeit without much skill.  Zombies collapse dead after 1d3 hours.

Fear Ability

To see the Zuvembi's face, a leering yellow blur of lunacy, is to know fear. Roll to see the effect of the fear on each victim of this ability:
  1. will not melee attack or willingly approach within melee range of the Zuvembi for 1d10 rounds
  2. paralyzed with fear for 1d10 rounds where they can be easily killed
The Zuvembi may allow it's intended victims an initial glimpse of it's face from afar, even before it attempts to hypnotize them. This is purely to terrify them before moving-in for the kill.


DnD Stats

HD: 2HD+2
Move: 120'
AC: 3
Attacks: fists 2 x 1d2 or hand axe or large knife
Hypnotize Ability: acts as a Charm spell. Victim saves once per period depending on intelligence:
  • INT 3-8 save once every 5 rounds
  • INT 9-12 save once every 3 rounds
  • INT 13-18 save once every 1 rounds
Fear: victims save vs. Magic with +1 bonus per level higher than 1
Undead(turned as Wraith)


Cyberpunk Stats

REF: 7
INT: 8
Armor SP: -1

Attacks with hands or axe or knife


Stealth: d10+15
Dodge & Escape: 5
Hypnotize Ability: 1d10+10+(victim's EMP-INT) vs. victim's Resist torture/drugs(1d10+skill+cool)
Fear Ability: victims save by rolling 15 or more on 1d10+Cool

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