Tuesday 19 June 2012

Kaldanian Lycanthropy

King Verigan, after having killed his son the Crown Prince Verigan II in a fit of lycanthropic rage

 OK, yet another round of Art-Inspired game content.


Lycanthropy first reached Kaldania several centuries ago in an incident still remembered in the common folklore. It became known that Avalzaunt, the court magician, was teaching the Crown Prince, Prince Verigan II, the Arcane Arts. King Verigan, in a fit of rage, ordered the Magician's study destroyed and Avalzaunt banished.  The light of the burning philters and grimoires reflecting off his brass manacles, the Magician cursed the King's hasty anger by the Eleven Unspeakable Names of the Arch-Demon Phalighmar.

A few days later, while the King was upbraiding the Crown Prince for keeping his unauthorized magical education a secret, King Verigan slew his heir in a fit of anger. Though torn with grief over the rending of his only heir, the King went on to produce other heirs.

Many generations have passed since then, but the curse lives on in the blood of the Kaldanian monarchy, and many a servant's death at the hands of the royal family has been hushed-up.  Not only that, but due to the Kaldanian Royals' penchant for keeping mistresses and lovers, the lycanthropy has spread throughout the kingdom and even without, among the offspring of other royal families who married Kaldanian royals, and even through illicit liaisons with the maidservants of visiting nobles.


The child of a Kaldanian Lycanthrope has a 50% chance of being a Lycanthrope, while the child of two Lycanthropes has a 100% chance.

When Lycanthropes becomes angry, they are susceptible to becoming possessed by the spirit of a Wolf-Headed Demon.  While possessed, the Lycanthrope gains incredible strength and will attack the source of their anger(and any Human, animal, or inanimate objects within reach), often biting for their jugular.  Unlike other types of Lycanthropy, the Kaledonian Lycanthrope does not change shape while possessed.

DnD Rules

When the Kaldanian Lycanthrope becomes angry, he must save vs. Magic or become possessed for 1d10 rounds or until the source of his anger has been destroyed.

While possessed, the Lycanthrope gains the equivalent of Hill-Giant strength.  It will attempt to grab it's victim(s) and bite them(Thac0 12, 2d6 dmg).  The Lycanthrope never retreats while possessed and will keep fighting into negative HP until killed(-10 HP).

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