Monday 7 May 2012

Adventurers for Hire

Dr. Bargle recently posted a scenario for starting a campaign: the characters have started "The Respectful Companye of Gentlemen Adventurers".  Now, never mind that I find the in-character use of game terminology, like "Adventurers" rather un-immersive, I do like the idea of starting the game in a more focused scenario.  i.e. instead of the players being  a diverse band with differing goals.  So here's a

List of game scenarios I'd like to play:

  • The characters form a small unit of the City Watch/Police in a large, often lawless city
  • The characters are a gang of career criminals in a large metropolis
  • The characters are special forces or scouts for a large army, being assigned different missions
  • The characters are deserters of a large army, now far from home in hostile territory
  • The characters have won a government bid to map an area of unknown territory
  • The characters are vigilantes/resistance fighters
  • The characters run a private (paranormal?) investigators agency
What really makes these scenarios interesting to me is how they effect player goals.  For a standard DnD game, the goal seems to default towards accumulating XP/gold/items.  Now there's nothing wrong with this sort of Free-Enterprise motivation.  But sometimes it's nice to have a game where a different goal is the primary one, such as:
  • survival
  • getting home
  • exploration
  • pulling-off a great caper
  • becoming a VIP
  • solving a mystery
  • defeating a powerful enemy
  • growing a successful business

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