Wednesday 2 May 2012

Monster: The Belonging Kind

(Inspired from William Gibson and John Shirley's The Belonging Kind and, by extension, Poe's The Man of the Crowd)

Among the sprawling crowds of the big city, invisible to all, a non-Human species lives a parasitic lifestyle in the heart of Humanity.  They look like people, can change appearance/clothing at-will to fit the situation, and subsist off of alcoholic drinks.  In some cities, their numbers have become quite large.

Interaction with Humans

The Kind are highly intelligent but in an inhuman way.  Can flirt/small-talk in any situation, but this is merely instinctual.  If found-out, they can't actually communicate-with humans except through simple sign language.  They seem to communicate with one another non-verbally.

At Night

At night they are active, moving from bar to bar in big cities, blending-in, and chatting with fellow patrons.  They occasionally masquerade as beggars to get cash.  The alcohol they ingest during this period is their sole sustenance, though they never get inebriated.

During the Day

During the day the Kind are dormant, maintaining the last form they used and roosting in large numbers in abandoned slums, subway stations, etc.  If humans discover their roost, they may attack them to keep their presence a secret.  Roosts often contain piles of everyday items they may have collected, most of it garbage.  The roost also generally contains the means to reach the creatures' home world/dimension.

Stats for Cyberpunk


Int: 10
Ref: 3
Tech: 2
Cool: 2
Attr: 2-10 depending on current form
Luck: 5
MA: 8
Body: 8
Emp: 10

BTM -4


Wardrobe & Style: 10
Social: 10
Persuasion & Fast Talk: 10
Impersonate Human(EMP): 5

Hide/Evade: 5
Stealth: 5
Melee: 3


Change Form/Wardrobe: Done when no humans are watching, the process takes 10-20 seconds.  This effects their Attr stat. They use their Wardrobe & Style skill to fit the situation.

Chat in bar: The Kind will choose a receptive person in a bar to flirt/smalltalk with.  They use their Social skill to fit-in.

Convince Human to Pay for Drink/Give Cash: roll Persuasion(1d10+10+10) vs. susceptibility of Human to spending the money:
  • Difficulty 10 if Kind is attractive female and Human is cruising for chicks
  • Difficulty 15 if Kind is beggar soliciting spare change, Human is passer-by
  • Difficulty 25 if Kind is talking to the Female bartender
Impersonate Human: if a Human interacts with the Kind, the Human should roll Awareness(1d10+INT+Awareness) and the Kind should roll Impersonate Human(1d10+10+5).  If the Human rolls higher than the Kind, he recognizes that something is wrong with the Kind, but can't quite put his finger on what.  If he rolls higher by 5 or more, he realizes that the Kind is not Human.

Form Weapon: though they generally prefer to avoid conflict, if cornered or if defending it's roost, the Kind can form basic knives/clubs which do 1d6 damage

Regenerate: their shape changing allows them to regenerate 1 point of damage per round.  If killed, they decompose to dust within minutes.

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