Tuesday 27 November 2012

Treasure Time

I recently got a shipment of goodies, care of Amazon.  Here's the goods:

1. Chessex Pound of Dice

I have to say, this is the way to buy dice.  Yeah, it's nice having a matching set, but this is both more economical and more fun!  There were some really weird ones included too, particularly among the d6's.  I was a little nervous about the quality, since they are supposed to be Factory Second, but besides a couple wonky-looking d12s, the vast majority look fine.  I split this 3-ways with my gaming group, which left me with 33 new dice.
2. GameMastery Flip-Mat: Basic from Paizo

We already got to try this out in a recent session.  I like it much more than our other two option: drawing on a small piece of paper and passing it around, or using cardboard dungeon-tiles.  Being able to draw on a large scale allows the DM to set-up encounters quickly and so that everyone can easily see.  I also got a set of wet-erase markers to go with these, and I already have dry-erase ones.

3. Chronicles of Amber, Volume 1

This was to complete the set, since I recently bought volume 2 at a used book store.  I started reading these and am loving them(though it's started to slow down a bit towards the middle of the second volume).

4. The Best of Robert E. Howard, Volume 1

 I bought Volume 2 over a year ago and loved it, so I decided to get Volume 1 too.  I really enjoyed the variety of stories: not just Conan, Kull, and Solomon Kane, but boxers, pirates, cowboys, etc.


  1. Hmm, that flip mat will beat the scraps of paper we use...

    Christmas list, you have an item that isn't a book.

    1. Enjoy! Yeah, seems like a simple yet elegant solution. Plus it's the right size for miniatures for your more elaborate encounters.