Wednesday 21 November 2012

I Can't Be Bothered with Character Creation

So I had a realization while creating a character for the DnD Next playtest.  I just can't be bothered with the task of character creation.  Oh, I made one.  But I don't particularly relish spending the better part of an hour picking out specific skills and whatnot, especially with game sessions that last only 2-3 hours.

This wasn't always the case.  I remember as a teen buying TSR's Complete Book of Elves and spending DAYS reading and thinking about how to create my character.  (I likely spent more time creating the character than actually playing with him!)  Admittedly, this didn't eat into game time back then, since this was something I did on my own time.

But I guess that, in addition to having less time on my hands these days, I've learned from experience that the real fun starts with the adventure.  And character creation doesn't necessarily contribute that much to that.

Is this something that comes with age?  Or am I just impatient, wanting the adventure to start already?

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  1. Age, I think. When we had every evening and all weekend to play, if we wanted, who cared if we spent an age rolling up (yes, rolling!) a character? Now that we're squeezing a couple of hours of gaming in a week if we're lucky, we need to go, go, go!

    In my case, my tastes have changed a little - or at least my understanding of my tastes has changed. While I almost always played and GMed games that were pretty easy about killing PCs, now I appreciate just why this is a virtue.

    Which, all said, is why I have such a soft spot for WFRP1e - complete character creation in just a handful of dice roll (characteristics, age and starting skills, and career) and bare minimum of choices (species, gender, which of the four career class tables will you roll on, and name). Hell, you don't even have to choose your own equipment - it comes with the career. Quick, but with the [illusion?] of depth. Or, and it is deadly (once you run out of Fate Points).