Thursday 1 November 2012

Trap: The Inverted Altar of Tziakohtzl

Adventurers will encounter a room with a square portal 3ft x 3ft cut into the roof.  If an adventurer attempts to climb into it, they will find that it leads to the floor of another, unlit room.  The floor is largely empty stone flagstones with a few closed stone doors around.  The high ceiling 100 ft above them is more interesting, with a large square stone 10ft x 10ft in the middle of the ceiling, directly above them.  The stone has the image of Tziakohtzl, the Trickster, carved into it.  There are also some large niches  high-up in the walls placed just below the ceiling.  While taking-in this scene they feel a strange weightless sensation.

If the character chooses to climb into the room, they must save vs. Death or immediately fall upward, splattering onto the stone altar above! (100ft of falling damage)  If they make the save, they manage to grab onto the ledge.

Indeed the portal is a magic one which actually leads to the ceiling of the Temple of Tziakohtzl, with gravity pulling in the opposite direction relative to the character's initial orientation.  Hence the strange weightless sensation as the character pauses halfway through the portal.

If characters manage to descend safely into the temple, they will be welcomed by the Priests there who will revere them as "Those who have outsmarted the god".  That said, they should be careful, since the priests love to play tricks themselves. 

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