Saturday 8 March 2014

Basque Pirates Booty

There must be some booty here somewhere...

First off, Chief Rolla Dolla was so impressed with the party's successful raid, that he offers each member an apprentice from among the young warriors in the tribe.  Each apprentice has the following stats:

HP: 4
AC: 11
Attack Bonus: +1
Equipment: Water Gourd, 1 day's rations, Spear or Short Bow+8 arrows(pick one)

And now for XP:

So I like to give XP according to the natural goals of the party/setting, so here goes:

Islands Charted: 5x50XP
Islands Explored: 2x100XP
Crewmembers Added: 3x100XP
Boats Added to Fleet: 0
Missions Completed: 1x100XP
Combat Victories: 5 degenerate humansx10XP

Total: 900XP


  1. What do I need to level up?

  2. Labyrinth Lord is my default ruleset for this so 2035XP for 2nd level. 4065 for 3rd level.