Thursday 6 March 2014

Basque Pirates: Session 2

Well, tonight we dug out the survivors of Death Frost Doom for a little bit of Saltbox fun with Swashbucklers & Seamonsters. The cast was:

  • Franzisco: this pearl diver kept his wits and survived the horrors in Basque Country but left with a cursed dagger he had picked-up there. He is now level 2.
  • Aroztegi: a ship's carpenter, he carries two pistols and a sabre and is always ready for action!
  • John the Accidental Baptist: a British navigator who gained his nickname when he accidentally capsizing a ship while at the helm

These 3 ne'er do well pirates found themselves on the wrong side of a mutiny while in the Mediterranean. The fought to a stalemate but were still sorely outnumbered. They were allowed to leave on the ship's longboat if they would just vacate the poop deck. Thus, they found themselves in a small skiff outside a small fishing village.

The native villagers proved primitive yet friendly, especially when given a silver candlestick. The party was provided with a guide who showed them around the small sandy islet. They were able to see 4 larger islands in the area:

  • to the East a large hilly, grassy island, inhabited by some large animals(cattle?)
  • to the SE a large grassy island, a bit less steep, with signs of cultivation
  • to the West a volcanic island, that the natives are superstitious about
  • to the North a jungle island they were told to stay away from because of the pirates there. "We don't bother them and they don't bother us" said the natives
The party decided to try and contact the pirates in hope of joining them(and possibly betraying them).

There was also a larger village with a stockade on this island, presided over by Chief Rolla Dolla. The party was welcomed with a celebration around the bonfire. Aroztegi's advances on the local women were met with flirtatious evasiveness. The shaman sensed Franzisco's curse and offered to cure it "in exchange for the heads of the fallen ones" on the island to the West. The party agreed, heading there in their skiff. 

Over there you can find the horrible degenerate ones!

They found a degenerate tribe there, dwelling in the ruins of some ancient stone city. They have stone axes, primitive canoes, and no formal language. They lured a group of 5 tribesman into a trap and attacked them. The tribesmen fought fiercely, injuring all of the party members, but ultimately the party prevailed.

Upon bringing back the heads of the Fallen Ones, Rolla Dolla's people were shocked but joyous. The shaman summoned a shoggoth which took the cursed dagger and disappeared with it back to another plane.

Cursed daggers are the most delicious kind!

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