Sunday 15 September 2013

Cyberpunk Death & Dismemberment Table

Well, I've been making slow but steady progress on Kill, Cyborgs! Kill!  I was originally going to make it for Cyberpunk 2020, but then I decided to make it DnD-like, albeit with a Cyberpunk-twist. The reason for this choice was twofold:

  1. To emphasize the Horror element, I wanted to tone-down the high degree of tactics you get in CP2020
  2. Really you can adapt it fairly easily to CP2020, so I'd rather write it up with a system that more people are familiar with

In any case, as a Cyberpunk game, it needs to have limb-loss(so they can be replaced with cyberlimbs) and a somewhat more modern look at medicine.  So I believe this calls for yet another custom Death and Dismemberment table:

The Table

Upon taking damage which leaves a character with 0 or fewer HP, roll a d10 + the number of negative hitpoints the character has.

  • 1-2 A Flesh Wound: No major damage, but you now have a bitchin' scar: changes your CHA by 1d3-2(within range of 3-18)
  • 3-4 Stunned: character is not killed, but is useless for the rest of the combat
  • 5-6 Hit an Artery: Unconscious. Lose 1 HP per rounds until first aid is applied. Dies if bleeding brings HP to -10
  • 7-9 Internal Bleeding: Unconscious. At the end of each turn make a Fortitude Save or die, until emergency surgery is performed
  • 10-12 Maiming Locational Hit: see sub-table
  • 13-14 Killed Instantly
  • 15+ Horrific Demise: somebody get a mop

Maiming Locational Hit Sub-Table

Roll to see which limb is destroyed/paralysed/severed/napalmed etc.

  1. Toe
  2. Foot-Also see Hit an Artery 
  3. Leg-Also see Hit an Artery
  4. Finger
  5. Hand-Also see Hit an Artery
  6. Arm-Also see Hit an Artery
  7. Nose-Also see Stunned
  8. Ear-Also see Stunned
  9. Eye-Also see Stunned
  10. Both Eyes-Also see Stunned

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