Saturday 10 August 2013

Fight Club: Playtest #4

Fight Club playtest #4 was a fairly quick match, before a gaming session, between my friend's Canadian Brawler and my own competitive Judoka.  My character quickly threw and then choked-out his opponent. But the most-used skill was Grappling Counter, and this has also been the case in other matches, so I realized that I should make a change.

While Dodge Blow only helps against two techniques, Grappling Counter helps against 6.  So, I decided to split it into two skills:

  • Grappling Counter against the 4 positional techniques
  • Submission Counter against Choke and Joint Lock
This also makes a certain amount of sense, since a Greco-Roman wrestler would likely have good Grappling Counter, but less of a Submission Counter.

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