Thursday 19 April 2012

Polish Resistance: Session 5

Session 5 was short due to technical difficulties, more substantial than those encountered in Session 4.  On the other hand, this was the largest number of PCs of any session(3), the party saw a lot of in-game success and even decided on a major change in direction.  Most importantly good fun was had all-round despite the technical glitches. 

 Session Summary

Mid-morning, August 28, 1944, eight days after the adventure began, found the party poking through the deserted village of Kurow.  There they met another wandering resistance member, bringing the party's number to five, plus two horses and a pack-mule.

  • Andre- Boxer/Wrestler turned resistance-fighter
  • Shmengy- Hardened resistance fighter who loves motorcycles and grenades
  • Leora- Doctor turned fugitive from the Nazis
  • Jurec(NPC)- from Lipnick, made his own SMG
  • Ludmilla(NPC)- sole survivor of Kurow massacre

The party continued South on the trail of the zombie-creating halftracks.  As the path went over a hill, they spotted 8 zombies wandering in the fields far-off to the right and another 2 far-off to the left.  Fearing to be caught in between the two groups, they headed directly for the two.  These they dispatched easily enough thanks to Smengy's rifle-skills and found they were the corpses of two German soldiers.  The other 8 did not follow the party.

Before burning the bodies, they discovered a business card on one for a hotel in German-occupied Opatow, "Hotel Podekscytowany Pajac".

At this point, the PC's decided that it was hopeless to catch the halftracks without a motor vehicle.  As such, they decided to return North and then turn Southeast towards Russian-occupied Sandomierz in hope of enlisting help to fight the Nazi-zombie-threat.

They headed North, avoiding the road, until they came across an uninhabited hunter's shack in a clearing in the woods.  They discovered the hunter's modest cache in a tree nearby and decided to rest there.

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