Saturday 14 April 2018

SW2020 Session 9: Galactic Hustle

Picking up from last session, the party jumped from Yoberra to Rocrin system. They were quickly hailed by a passing space-yacht. After being harassed by a yacht last stession, they were worried, until they found out it was their friend Deeberjay, hitching a ride with friends and coming to join them.

The Lineup

  • Art- Ithorian Force user, tech Rock gardener, with force healing(Avi)
  • Lucky- a Gran with many natural talents, good at dodging, explosives, stock market, interstellar navigation, leadership, pharmaceuticals(Lauren)
  • Deeberjay- a spoiled young Ilay Squib prince with mad hacking ability(Art)

Deeberjay had some news for the party, who hadn't docked at any Airam ports in a while:
  1. The Squib Navy is mobilizing. A First Order Star Destroyer was seen jumping into Hinda System and has everyone in a panic
  2. Darakin University has put a bounty on the heads of the crew of Lambda Shuttle Space Ball, for some reason

The party first considered trying to capture the Star Destroyer as part of their plan to acquire a large ship and fill it with Yoberrans. Then then abandoned that plan and decided to dock at Skor II in Squab System and convince the government to supply them with a large ship. They finally decided on a third plan to land in Rocrin and see if a large ship was available there as part of the Squib salvage operation.

They landed at the Rocrin V spaceport, bought a monthly salvage license, and took their hovercar two days to the site of a crashed Imperial Heavy Cruiser. After inspecting the wreck, they realized that, while it was a very large ship hull, scavengers had already stripped it of all major systems and it would be a difficult project to tow it into orbit and bring it to a repair yard.

The party ended up excavating the lower decks over the course of a couple expeditions. They salvaged:
  • Medicines and medical equipment(which was later stolen by other salvagers)
  • An Auto-Doc medical unit
  • Stormtrooper armors and weapons
  • A working Tie Bomber(which almost got stolen by other salvagers)
They also sold off the Ore they have been carrying around for a long time. The entire expedition netted them upward of 50,000 credits, but they were no closer to finding a large ship for the Yoberrans. On their way back to their shuttle, the party were accosted by a trio of Mandalorians seeking the Darakin bounty on them. They told Deeberjay to leave since no Squibs were mentioned in the bounty. He pretended to comply, leaving and rounding a corner.

Lucky, who had first initiative, tossed a thermal detonator at the hunters. The subsequent explosion killed the large one in the middle and left his friend on the right shell-shocked on the floor. Art ducked around the corner and began to use his Force Reflex Boost skill. The remaining Mandalorian shot Lucky in the chest, leaving her stunned on the ground. At that point, Deeberjay snuck behind her and slashed her with the spare light sabre he had gotten from Art, leaving her bleeding and stunned on the floor.

The party tied up the surviving bounty hunters and took them and their ship up the gravity well and into orbit, with plans to head for Skor II.

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