Friday 16 May 2014

I Love it When a Sandbox Comes Together!

There's nothing like the joy of when your sandbox setting starts to take shape and show a life of it's own. I've had "Surfers of the Apocalypse" on the back-burner for a while now and I'm starting to think about fleshing it out. I started brainstorming who might be the major powerful factions the players could encounter. There's definitely a fair share of "Out of the Dark" mixed in here...

AliensShock and Awe attacks on Earth to subdue it's population quickly. Hopes to use subjugated humanity as a pawn in intergalactic politics.Flying around in ships. HQ in West LA Federal Building, as well as other strategic locations.
SurvivalistsLive out in bunkers/caves in the woods. Whatever it takes to survive, including preying on anyone who enters their territory. Eventually mount Guerrilla attacks on Invaders Santa Monica Mountains
ArmyMajor bases have been nuked. Survivors still intent on fighting an insurgency against the invaders.All over
Black Dragons GangTriad. Experts in criminal enteprise/extortion. Can get anyone anything for the right price.Fled Nuked East LA to the Valley
Latin KingsGang with drug dealing focus. The invasion is bad for business, so now they're looking to branch out.Based in the Valley
Devil's DiciplesMotorcycle Gang taking full advantage of their ability to navigate the gridlock on the roads. Charge to get people places.PCH and other Major Highways
ScientologistsSurprisingly, their mysticism works against alien troops. They're gathering an all-star team and looking for a way to launch them to the Aliens' mothership.Hollywood HQ
FreemasonsTrying to summon the Great Old Ones in defense of Earth. Need a relic from the Scientologist HQHollywood Masonic Lodge

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  1. Don't forget the Surf Nazis!